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About Protek Car Care

Our story

Early Beginnings

In 2012 our parent company, Protek Devices acquired distribution rights of Meguiar’s. We initially trained upcoming detailing centres all over Pakistan with Meguiar’s. And provided our detailing services to a few selected customers. Along with detailing, we offered 3M Automotive window films to the selected customers.

As time went by, the detailing centres we trained on Meguiar’s switched to cheaper brands. Hence, in 2014 we opened our doors to the general public to fill the ever-increasing void of high-end detailing.

Move to Ceramic Coatings

After cementing ourselves as the most premium detailing centre in Lahore. We ventured into the amazing world of Ceramic Coatings in 2016. And became the first GYEON certified detailer of Pakistan in 2016. GYEON is a South Korean company that specializes in sophisticated ceramic coatings. Learn more here

Paint Protection Film

In 2015 we introduced Paint Protection Film (PPF) to Pakistani car enthusiasts. Initially, we started with 3M’s PPF but then also incorporated XPEL in 2019. And since 2020 we have also added GYEON to our PPF portfolio.

Our parent company

Protek Devices

Established in 2000, Protek Devices initially dealt in residential and commercial solutions. Currently, they are the official distributor of the innovator of window films, 3M. Apart from 3M, Protek Devices is also the official distributor of GCC for Pakistan. GCC or Good Credit Corporation is one of the biggest manufacturers of Glass hardware. GCC manufactures extremely premium hardware like heavy-duty floor machines, Sliding systems. Other companies that Protek Devices represent in Pakistan include Meguiar’s, GYEON, 3M Matting Solutions, Autofinesse, Stoner, Diamon Fusion International, Refletiv France etc.
You can find out more about them on their website

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