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Ceramic Coating

Also known as glass coating quartz coating nano coating
Ceramic coating being to mercedes c class cabriolet in lahore Pakistan. By Protek Car Care

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic Coating is a liquid that crystallises to form a layer on the applied surface. Surfaces like the car’s paint, leather, rims and etc. The coating prevents the fading of these surfaces and the yellowing of the paint. It does this by being UV and chemical-resistant

Furthermore, ceramic coating gives the paint a stunning gloss.

Coating being applied to bentley in lahore pakistan. Gyeon ceramic coating is being applied
Jaw-dropping Gloss

Unlike wax, ceramic coating fills in the pores of the paint and forms a permanent bond. This yields a surface that is immensely glossy and slick.


Coatings are water (hydrophobic) & dust repellent, making the car less dirty over time. And cleaning the car gets easier & quicker as unwanted elements come off effortlessly.

Blue Range Rover Coated by Protek Car Care Lahore. Coated with Gyeon ceramic coatings

Ceramic coating misunderstandings

With so many manufacturers, there’s a lot of incorrect information about coatings. Two of the most widely spread false qualities are coating’s types & scratch resistance. Which we discuss ahead

Ceramic, Glass or Nano coating?

The main ingredient of coating is Silica or Silicon Dioxide. This compound is also found in Glass, Ceramics, Quartz and sand! Knowing this, companies have marketed the same silica based coating using different names. Like Glass, Ceramic or Nano coating despite all being the same thing. Ultimately, this marketing technique has created more confusion amongst consumers. But bottom-line is that all these terms are synonymous and refer to the same silica based coating.

Coatings are scratch proof?

Many companies solely advertise the scratch resistance of their coatings. Some even claim that their coatings are scratch-proof (which is utter nonsense). They overuse the term, 9H hardness, to back up their scratch-proof claim. What they’re not telling you is that a 9H-certified coating is only slightly harder than a fingernail! You see, a coating is 9H on the pencil hardness scale. This scale uses graphite in its testing of the coatings. And graphite is around 3H on the Mohs scale; slightly higher than a fingernail. (if you need more clarification, then feel free to get in touch with us). Ultimately, the coating’s purpose is not to protect the car from scratches. Instead, it offers immense gloss, hydrophobic properties, and Chemical & UV resistance.

Our Brand


GYEON is a South Korean company that specializes in premium silicon-based protection. The company is critically acclaimed by detailers worldwide. They produce extremely sophisticated & durable ceramic coatings. Impressively, Gyeon’s coatings are professional single layer only due to their high concentration.

Gyeon's coating range

From the car’s paint to the interior’s leather, Gyeon has a coating for each surface of the car. Their extensive range of products ensures the entire vehicle looks good and protected.

Protek Car Care carries only Gyeon as its ceramic coating partner. And is also a Gyeon Certified Detailer.

Gyeon Certified Detailer

Certified Detailer status gives us access to Gyeon’s highest-level coatings like DuraFlex & Mohs+. You can check our Certified Detailer status on GYEON’s website click here

Moreover, check out our ceramic coating packages below

Our Ceramic Coating Packages