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Car Detailing

Grandeur Car Detailing
Image of paint correction being conducted on a porshce panamera.

Detailing is the meticulous cleaning of a vehicle

The vehicle’s interior, exterior, rims and every other surface is comprehensively cleaned. This includes the removal of swirls/ light scratches from the vehicle’s paint.

Protek Car Care is a Meguiar's certified detailer.

Image of honda inisght. With meguiars logo in neon in the background
Meguiar's only

Protek is a certified detailer of the iconic car care brand, Meguiars. We only use Meguiar’s professional range in our detailing. This range helps us to achieve an impeccable detailing result for your car.

Trained Personnel

Our personnel are experts on Meguiar’s professional range and its correct usage. They harmonise Meguiar’s products with the equipment correctly to yield maximum detailing results.

Image of class porsche 911 undergoing paint correction. At PRotek Car Care Lahore Pakistan

Since 2012, we have maintained the highest standards in our detailing

Detailing FAQ

Protek Car Care coined the term Grandeur Detailing back in 2014 in order to signify their high standards in detailing. And there are certain practices that help us to achieve high detailing.

High-end paint correction

We use high-grade compounds & polishes that ensure a deep gloss and swirl-free finish. Such an impeccable finish is just not possible with low-grade compounds and polishes.

Premium waxes, sealants and coatings

Protek Car Care uses only the most premium waxes and ceramic coatings. These give your car the much-needed protection from UV rays, oxidation and corrosion. Moreover, they yield unparalleled Gloss and Hydrophobic levels.

PH Neutral Shampoo

Substandard detailing centres use a non-PH-neutral shampoo that degrades the paint. Protek utilizes a PH-neutral shampoo that removes dirt & grime without damaging the paint.

Surface appropriate products

Substandard detailing centres use cheap detergents to clean the car’s fabrics & leather. This leads to deterioration of the materials (and will inevitably cause them to fade). Protek uses Meguiar’s professional range that caters for each surface. For instance, we use Meguiar’s Leather cleaner & conditioner for the leather. This cleans the leather without causing it to lose colour or fade.