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Paint Protection Film – PPF

Protects your vehicle from stone chips scratches abrasions
PPF application on a red Porsche Taycan in Lahore. Xpel Ultimate Plus PPF installed

PPF is a transparent film for a car's paint

The film is a strong Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU) material. Once applied, PPF offers protection from scratches, stone chips, etc.

PPF acts as a sacrificial layer to protect the paint.

Image of screwdriver trying to pierce PPF.
Extremely Strong

The main material of PPF, TPU has immense tensile strength and elongation. Hence, PPF offers excellent protection against impacts.

Gloss Enhancing

A good quality PPF has amazing clarity and gloss-enhancing properties. It will drastically augment the aesthetics of your car.

Black Audi E Tron GT proctected with Gyeon Enhance PPF. Audi Pakistan
Image of a heat gun being ready to heat a PPF piece. This will enable the ppf to self heal. Performed in Lahore
Self Healing PPF

Moreover, PPF has a self-healing ability; minor swirls/ scratches go away with heat. This ability is only available in superior PPFs brands like Hexis, 3M and Xpel.

Before Image

The PPF is scratched with a metal brush to induce scratches/ swirls.

Image of PPF scratched with metal brush. PPF after heated with heat gun. The PPF self heals to get rid of the swirls and scratches.
After Image

The scratched PPF is heated with a heat gun to remove all the swirls!

Our Brands

We offer PPFs from only the most respected and trusted brands in the world.

High-performance films manufacturer

Hexis is a mammoth manufacturer of high-performance PVC, polyurethane films based in France.
We offer a single variant of Hexis Paint Protection Film: BodyFenceX. You can download the specification sheet below:
Images of Hexis Logo Pakistan

Ceramic Coated PPF manufacturer.

An acclaimed company from South Korea, Gyeon makes phenomenal ceramic coated PPFs. Their films offer staggering clarity and enhances the color of the car.
We offer 2 variants of Gyeon’s PPF: Enhance and Protect+. You can download the specification sheet below:

Pioneer of advanced Paint Protection Films

Originating from the USA, XPEL created the first self-healing PPF back in 2011. Since then, they have become one of the biggest in the industry.

We offer two variants of XPEL’s PPF: Ultimate Plus 7 and Ultimate Fusion PPF. You can download the specification sheet below:

Innovator of Paint Protection Film

A prominent inventor, 3M introduced PPF to the automotive industry in the 90s. And have become the go-to PPF brand for car enthusiasts looking for proven protection.

We offer a single variant of 3M’s PPF by the name of Scotchgard Pro 4. You can download its specification sheet below

Logo of 3M with sciend applied to life motto

Our PPF Packages.

Our PPF Packages.

Our PPF Packages.

Our PPF Packages.

Our PPF Packages.

Our PPF Packages.

Our PPF Packages.

Our PPF Packages.

Image of Protek Car Care PPF basic package. The car is audi A5

Our Paint Protection Film Packages