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Car Wrapping

Personalize your car!
Image of Lexus lx570 wrapped by protek car care Lahore, Pakistan. Wrap used was 3M Gloss Anthracite gray

Change the way your car looks

If one is looking to change their car’s look then they can repaint the car to their liking. But this would be permanent and a good paint job will cost a lot, and would decrease the car’s value. Alternatively, one can wrap the car.
Made up of vinyl, a wrap goes over the car’s pant surface. It changes the car’s look and is easily removable. Also upon removing the wrap won’t damage the paint as long is its OEM.

Wraps come in a variety of color and finishes

Image of 3M Satin Gold Dust black applied to a revo. Installed by protek car care, Lahore Pakistan
Countless aesthetic possibilities

Wrap finishes range from Satin, Matte, Gloss, Flip and more. And with almost every colour possible, the customization possibilities by wrapping are endless.

Before Image

A Hyundai sonata in its stock black paint

Image of Hyundai Sonata before wrap. Image of sonata after wrap applied. Wrap is Inozetek Supergloss metallic midnight green. Installed by protek car care, Lahore, Pakistan
After Image

The same sonata wrapped in Inozetek’s super gloss metallic midnight green.

Our Brands

We offer Vinyl wraps from only the most trusted brands in the world

World renowned wrap manufacturer

3M is one of the oldest and most reputed high-end wrap manufacturers in the industry. Their wraps have an amazing finish that doesn’t diminish with time. Moreover, their wraps come with air-release channels that aid a bubble-free finish.
Protek offers the 2080 series wraps from 3M. This series contains wraps with Satin, Matte and Gloss finish in different colours. You can download the 3M 2080 swatch below.
Logo of 3M with sciend applied to life motto

Premium wrapping film manufacturer

The creators of the True Gloss Vinyl Wraps, Inozetek offer extremely premium wraps. Their wraps have jaw-dropping gloss with virtually zero peel. This makes their wraps a bit more expensive but arguably their wraps have a better finish than a car’s paint.
Currently, Inozetek only offers Gloss wraps only. You can download the color swatch of Inozetek below.

Since every wrap job is unique, please get in touch with us to get a quote for your project.